BIG realization about the generation of “baby boomers”.

They’re so quick to bash the younger generations… While in reality, we are the ones who grew up with technology, we don’t know a world without it … Which naturally gives us the upper hand in the working world. They wonder why we aren’t freaking out as they are & assume it’s cause we’re not working as hard , but really, we’re just better at multitasking & don’t get overwhelmed as easily… So we’re able to get more done… Resulting in a less stressful environment.

We are the generation(s) that SEEK out answers. We have Google & YouTube at our fingertips & know how to use em (& have no problem using these resources)… That doesn’t mean we aren’t efficient, if anything, we are MORE efficient.

We often hear we have no work ethic, that we’re lazy… Nah, we’re just capable of juggling more than you. Stop being afraid to give credit where it’s due in fear of it making you look bad… Cause us “young people” are going to be the ones to take your jobs & make them more advanced… Cause that’s what it’s all about anyway, right? So we’re right on track… (: Please do not be upset or offended. PROGRESS IS ALWAYS A GOOD THING.

(NOTE: This isn’t ALL of the younger generations [believe me, I’m not naive… I DO know plenty of lazy people/people expecting things to be handed to them]… & it’s not all of the baby boomers [FOR EXAMPLE: Anyone who has ever met my dad, you’ll know that man is one of the hardest working guys I have EVER met in my entire life… & he’s resilient], just many of the ones I’ve ever come across & heard about…)