Happy Pay It Forward Friday!


(I just made that up… Kinda nice though, right?!)

Anywho, I woke up this morning longing for nothing more than, you guessed it, Starbucks.

While, as a Christ-following woman, I’m supposedly upset with the company (since apparently like 2 upset Christians speak for the entire group of people now & have the power to cause such an uproar when, in reality, no one gives a crap- yet for some reason others bought into it, thus milking the publicity stunt to bring the overpriced coffee chain even MORE of the big bucks- any who…), I drove my booty to the one place that could quench my killer craving. 

While in line at the drive-thru, I couldn’t help but feel like an idiot when I was more than willing to pay $5, five dollars… FIVE stinking DOLLARS (& 7 cents) for a mediocre cup of cappuccino… But I was, so I ordered. & I waited. (I can’t even justify why I spend so much on it… So I’m just gonna move along.)

Eagerly, I pulled up to the window with the Starbucks app open on my phone & ready to pay. And what does the barista tell me? “Your order was paid for by the woman in front of you. So you are good to go!”

My first thought: “Wow! Really??? That was really kind of her…”

My second thought: “Poor thing had no idea she was gonna havta dish out an extra $5… Maybe $4 & some change (we are at Starbucks, after all)… But not $5… That is a really good woman. Bless her.”

In result, it inspired me to pay for the persons drink behind me (since I like to think that’s how this whole thing works)… Which ended up being some kinda tea for only $2.74…(I kinda feel guilty since theirs was so cheap… But was still nice to know they would be surprised pulling up to the window… All I can hope is that they felt as pleasantly surprised at a strangers kindness as I did… & kept it going).

Short story LONG… My way-too-expensive coffee was 3x as good. (: It’s nice to receive… But it’s even nicer to give in hopes the chain continues…

I hope the sweet lady in front of me (or whoever started the “kindness chain”) has someone do the same for them. (: It made my day.